Know Why and When to Take Your Child to The Emergency Room

Know Why and When to Take Your Child to The Emergency Room

August 1, 2022

To ensure optimal health for your child, you must keep a close eye on them. Since their immune system is not as strong as an adult’s, emergency treatment may sometimes be needed. If your child is experiencing a severe health problem or a life-threatening medical emergency, visit an emergency room for kids near you.

Fairfield Emergency Room offers 24-hour pediatric emergency room services for your pediatric needs. Our no wait ER accepts walk-ins 24/7.

Most parents aren’t sure why and when to take their children to the emergency room. This article provides tips on assessing the situation so that you can act immediately.

Why Take Your Child to an Emergency Room?

The most obvious reason to take your child to an emergency room is for an illness or injury that needs immediate attention. Since the health of your child is a priority, you want them to receive quality immediate medical care by an Emergency Room Physician.

When To Take Your Kid to an Emergency Room?

The right time to take your child to an emergency room is as soon as you notice the symptoms. Some conditions which may trigger a visit to the emergency room include.

  • If the child appears sleepy and very tired. Being lethargic is usually a sign of sickness.
  • Your child may experience severe and persistent pain. If the child can speak, they will inform you of the pain. If they cannot speak, it’s often manifested by restlessness and excessive crying.
  • Problems with breathing or experiencing fast/deep breathing are abnormal breathing patterns and usually indicate a problem with the breathing system.
  • Severe trauma. Your child may have a deep or large cut in one part of the body, a broken bone, dislocated joint, excessive swelling, or a head injury causing headache or confusion.
  • Ingestion of harmful substances such as poison, wrong medicine, chemical or non-digestible objects like metals and plastics.
  • The child appears weak, usually signified by reduced mobility and lack of appetite.
  • You determine whether your child is dehydrated by checking whether the number of wet diapers, how often your child is peeing, and if their eyes are sunken in.
  • Headache coupled up with a stiff neck and high fever.

What to Do When Taking Your Child to an Emergency Room

  • Gather your kid’s medical history and medications if there are any.
  • Any known allergies.
  • Health insurance.
  • Any medications they are taking.

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