Warning Signs of Common Infections

Warning Signs of Common Infections

April 8, 2022

Infections are serious business. Infections of post-surgical sites, as well as injuries and wounds are often far more problematic than the original condition. Historically, more people have died from infection than the injury or illness that led to the infection in the first place. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has become common, and that’s a problem. Staph is a common bacterium that lives on our skin tissue. It’s rarely a problem until it invades a wound. While there are many varieties of staph that will succumb to antibiotics, MRSA doesn’t. It’s crucial to get to Fairfield Emergency Room in Cypress, TX when you’ve got an infection that just won’t heal.

All tissues, organs and systems of the body are vulnerable to infection. If your immune system is suppressed, either due to a disease or from injury, infections will take hold more easily and be harder to beat.

General symptoms

The most common signs of an infection are fever, redness, swelling and pain around a wound or post-operative site. Visible pus or drainage from a wound is also indicative of infection. A persistent fever of 100 or above in adults should always be taken seriously. Malaise, or a feeling of tiredness and little energy is also symptomatic of infection.

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Signs of a skin, wound, or post-surgical infection

Redness, pain to the touch, and drainage are common signs of wound infections. Note that drainage of clear or clear-yellow fluid from a wound is normal. If the fluid becomes thick, cloudy yellow or foul-smelling, you have an infection that needs professional attention from Fairfield Emergency Room in Cypress, TX.

Respiratory infections

Pneumonia, the common cold and influenza are common respiratory infections. You can also get a respiratory infection from sinus problems. Congestion accompanied by dark yellow or greenish mucous is a common indicator you’ve got a respiratory infection. Inability to breath easily or fever of 100 and up means its time to come to Fairfield Emergency Room in Cypress, TX.

Urinary infections

Painful urination, foul-smelling or strong-smelling urine, burning and urgency all indicate that an infection has gotten established in your urinary tract. It’s important to stop the infection before it reaches your kidneys. Kidney infections are also painful and require antibiotics.

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How Do the Symptoms of Common Infection Spread?

Common infections such as the flu, common cold, stomach flu, strep throat, salmonella, and respiratory syncytial virus are spread through direct pathogen transfer. If you get in contact with an individual who has the pathogen or surfaces that harbor the pathogens, you are likely to contract them.

For instance, the spread of infections can occur when an individual with a virus or bacterium coughs, touches, kisses, or sneezes on another individual who is not infected. Germs can get to the hand through coughing, rubbing the eyes, or sneezing and then transferred to another person. Germs can also be transferred from hands to food or food to hands.

When to Seek Emergency Room for Emergency Care

If you have a rapid heart rate, fever, extraordinary pain, or rapidly spreading redness, you should get to an ER straightaway. Other symptoms that should prompt you to visit an emergency room near you  are vomiting, coughing blood, dizziness, weakness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Signs of infections in kids may include fever, body aches, sore throat, and headaches.

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