Will Flu Season and Rising COVID-19 Cases Create a Twindemic?

Will Flu Season and Rising COVID-19 Cases Create a Twindemic?

November 30, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge for healthcare systems worldwide for the last couple of years. While the pandemic seems to have loosened its grip on the world, doctors are warning of another challenge for the public health system- a possible ‘Twindemic.’

Doctors suspect that after a couple of years of uncharacteristically mild flu season, this year might see a resurgence of flu cases colliding with a spike in COVID-19 cases creating the dreaded twindemic.

Researchers fear the COVID-19 flu twindemic can see more people needing urgent flu treatments and 24-hour emergency rooms.

Scientists seem skeptical about whether this flu season in Cypress, TX, will turn into a full-blown twindemic.

Here is what we know about the possibility of a twindemic and how you can stay safe this flu season.

What Makes This Flu Season Different?

Public health officials have been expressing the possibility of a twindemic since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to everyone’s surprise, the last couple of flu seasons have been milder than ever.

Scientists attribute the milder flu seasons to the curbing of COVID-19, mask mandates, and quarantines. With more people wearing masks and working from home, the influenza virus did not have a chance to transmit as rapidly as before.

According to some researchers, things could be a bit different this year. With unusually low flu cases, most of us might have lost our natural immunity to the virus. Besides, with the COVID-19 restrictions gone, more people, especially children, have started mingling. It might lead to an increased transmission rate of both the flu and the COVID-19 virus.

Thankfully at Fairfield Emergency Room, Cypress, TX, we are ready to face any challenge this potential twindemic might throw us.

Vaccinations Will Play a Key Role

Most leading scientists emphasize the role of vaccinations in controlling any potential twindemic. Experts have urged people in Cypress, TX, to take flu shots and booster COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.

The vaccines also help lower the intensity of the diseases, meaning fewer people will need influenza treatment in an ER near them.

According to doctors, predicting what will happen this flu season is still difficult. Whether we will witness the twindemic depends on many factors, including the rate of vaccinations and the behavior of the flu virus.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent a Twindemic

Apart from getting vaccinated, you can take protective steps to help prevent this flu season from becoming a twindemic.

Hand washing, masking, and social distancing can significantly prevent influenza and COVID-19. If you are sick, it is better to isolate yourself and get tested, as it can be difficult to differentiate between early flu symptoms vs. COVID-19.

At Fairfield Emergency Room, we are prepared to take the potential twindemic head-on in Cypress, TX, community. Visit us if you are looking for COVID-19 treatments or are interested in learning more about flu causes, complications, and treatments.